Spares and Consumables

Electrotech Corporation supplies all spares and consumables for Interacoustics Audiometers, Tympanometers, OAE, BERA and VNG systems. Below is a short list of some items with part numbers. For any queries regarding pricing, orders or repairs, reach us at 08288011402 or email us at
For Audiometers
8004646 Bag 096
8006033 Power Supply 30W
8106430 TDH39P 10 Ohm Earphone Telephonics
8106354 TDH39 Audiometric Headset 30 plug
8106355 TDH39 Audiometric headset HBA headband
8010817 HBA Audiometric headband
8011091 APS3 Patient response switch
8010822 IEC-M21 Symmetric Mono Earphone Cable
8010876 DD45 telephone 10ohm
8106339 DD45 Audiometric headset
8106344 DD65 audiometric headset peltor enclosures
8102514 B71W Bone cond. headset 10 Ohm
8105742 B71W Bone Vibrator 10 ohm
For Tympanometers
8002592 Probe tip
8001156 Probe cone
8001157 Probe nut
8100479 Tympanometer pump
8006503 Pump Tube Complete 050/052/053
8006549 Pump 1057/1058
8107617 Sanibel ATE ear tips 10mm
8107618 Sanibel ATE ear tips 13mm
8107619 Sanibel ATE ear tips 16mm
8107620 Sanibel ATE ear tips 19mm
8107621 Sanibel ATE ear tips 22mm
8107622 Sanibel AZE ear tips 6mm
8107623 Sanibel AZE ear tips 7mm
8107624 Sanibel AZE ear tips 9mm
8107625 Sanibel AZE ear tips 10mm
8107626 Sanibel AZE ear tips 11mm
8107627 Sanibel AZE ear tips 13mm
8107628 Sanibel AZE ear tips 15mm
8107629 Sanibel AZE ear tips 18mm
8011227 Battery NiMH Mignon Varta
8104678 Assortment BET55 Complete
8500220 TPR10 Thermal paper
For Eclipse
8013641 Preamplifier EPA4
8013643 Preamplifier EPA3
8013209 TM electrode for ECochG
8500410 Pinch clip cables
8011175 OAE Probe Complete
8500320 NuPrep gel 4oz/114g tube
8013644 Preamplifier EPA4 Cable connector 500mm and 50mm
8013209 TM electrode for ECochG Starter kit
8500440 Gold Tip Trode, 10mm
8107410 Disposable Tab Electrodes
8011489 TM Electrode for ECochG
Assorted Eartips Available in all sizes