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Welcome to Electrotech Corporation

Electrotech Corporation (established in 1976), the official distributor for Interacoustics A/s products in India, is a trusted, long term audiology and vestibular solutions provider. Our promoter, Mr TS Anand, former Managing Director of Widex India Private Limited and the pioneer of digital hearing technology in India, has been associated with Interacoustics for several years now and is committed to promoting a professional audiology network in India.

With a strong team of experienced, well-trained engineers and a sales presence across the country, Electrotech Corporation is the preferred provider of audiological solutions, calibration and repair of Interacoustics equipment. Our portfolio includes the latest in audiometers, tympanometers (impedance audiometers), ABR / BERAs (Brain Evoked Response Audiometers), ASSR, oto-acoustic emissions (OAEs), and VNGs.

Feel free to reach out to us for any requirements you may have for your clinic, hospital, audiology practice or for any enquiries for sub-distribution.



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