The Titan features OAE, ABR Impedance and the revolutionary Wideband Tympanometry and is our most powerful handheld device with full freedom and flexibility.
Let your equipment and needs interact

Customize your Titan for screening, diagnostic and advanced clinical testing. Match the modules with your current needs and upgrade when your challenges change. The Titan delivers Impedance, ABRIS, OAE and the revolutionary Wideband Tympanometry.

Every Titan software module is developed based on proven technologies and feedback from users and audiology experts. Features are developed in sync with your changing needs and contain the latest technologies making the Titan a future-safe investment.

The IMP440 is available in a screening, diagnostic or clinical version. It features standard tympanometry, ipsilateral and contralateral acoustic reflexes, reflex decay and reflex latency, as well as three Eustachian tube function tests.

The ABRIS440 module is fast and easy automated ABR testing for infants and adults. The screening module uses the ground breaking CE-Chirp® stimulus and Bayesian weighting to reduce test time by up to 50% compared to traditional click stimuli.

Two different versions of DPOAE to meet your clinical needs: newborn hearing screening and advanced diagnostics - capable of performing pressurized DPOAE measurements, which is useful when testing infants with middle ear conditions.

Two versions of TEOAE available - A screening version offering speed, precision and user-friendliness. Clinical version provides unsurpassed flexibility offering a center, linear or a fully customizable freq. range for a full diagnostic evaluation or research.

  • Wideband Tympanometry
    Wideband Tympanometry - WBT - expands our understanding of the middle ear. It is simply a new dimension in differential diagnostics with hundreds of tympanograms visualized in an illustrative 3D landscape.

    Multiple Tympanograms
    The Power of a Click
    Combine With OAE and Automated ABR
    3D Graphs
    No Extra Skills Required
  • One Size Fits All

    Customize your Titan through dedicated software modules to create a winning combination for screening, diagnostic and advanced clinical testing. A truly mighty platform with ease of use, professionalism and convenience in one device. Look forward to:

  • Superior, professional aesthetics
    Extemely lightweight
    High resolution color display
    Patient-centered testing through multiple probe and transducer configurations
    Handheld and PC mode for full flexibility
    Easy to use with even a minimum of technical understanding
    Supreme usability through storage of calibration values in probe and ID-transducers
    Impedance, OAE, ABRIS and the revolutionary WBT in one powerful device