Newborn hearing screening made efficient

Early identification of hearing loss is vital to ensure normal development of a child’s speech, language and social competencies.
Efficient newborn hearing screening.

With a powerful combination of DPOAE, TEOAE and automated ABR, Sera™ offers the opportunity to easily and quickly detect a potential hearing loss in newborns, making it the perfect choice for any hearing screening program.

It has never been easier to get started

The Sera™ menu and interface are designed for quick and efficient testing. All main assessment functions are accessible from the touch-enabled ‘home’ screen. You are ready to begin testing after just three button presses and it has never been easier or faster to enter new patient information. Once you have chosen or entered your patient on the device, preparation instructions are displayed for all test types. This ensures consistent and accurate preparation of your patient – every time.
Complete your test in no time
Following the simple on-screen instructions, you can complete your automated ABR in less than 30 seconds*. OAE screening can also be completed in just seconds, leaving you more time for patient care. Test results are easy to interpret with a clear pass or refer indication.

Designed for use

Sera™ fits comfortably into your hand and with its bumper case and overlay screen, it is well protected from knocks and bumps during every day use. The resistive touchscreen allows you to easily perform tests and enter patient information even when wearing gloves.

Wireless charging and printing

Sera™ comes with a wireless charging cradle ensuring that it is always ready for testing when you are. You can even print results for later review without being plugged in. 

Transfer of data

Sera™ comes with its own software module, HearSIM™, for managing patient data and device settings. HearSIM™ is intuitive to use and data is easily transferred from Sera™. While patient data is managed via HearSIM™ the data is stored in the OtoAccess® database.