Nydiag 200

Rotary chair

Rotational testing is typically used during a full balance assessment and is a perfect complement to caloric testing.

The Interacoustics Rotary Chair is ideal for evaluation of the Vestibulo Ocular Reflex (VOR) function.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

The Nydiag 200 Rotary Chair can play an important role in monitoring the compensatory processes of vestibular rehabilitation therapy. It can chart the vestibular healing process by utilizing a wide range of frequencies and acceleration rates.

  • Authentic
    The physiological rotatory stimulus is similar to that which the patient will experience in daily life. This makes rotational testing particularly suitable for VOR testing. Incl. step rotation and sinusoidal harmonic acc.

  • Full Control
    The Nydiag 200 Rotary Chair provides precisely controlled and reproducible stimuli. You have full control over acceleration, velocity and amplitude and can easily design and configure your own protocols.

  • Rotational testing

    The Rotary Chair can be easily reclined to various positions to allow for caloric and positional testing. The FireWire® high resolution cameras connect directly to a computer and provide superior eye image quality.
    Full test battery (Sinusoidal Harmonic Acceleration (SHA), Step Test, VOR Suppression)
    Maximum speed of 200 degrees/second
    Reclining chair can double as VNG exam table
    User-definable protocols
    Lightweight Combi goggle with replaceable foam cushions
    FireWire® high resolution cameras
    Integration with Interacoustics VNG for comprehensive approach to vestibular evaluation