Air Fx / Aqua Stim

Caloric Irrigators

The Interacoustics irrigators offer a choice of stimuli, either water or air, for caloric testing during the VNG test protocol.

Air Fx

The new Air Fx caloric irrigator has many benefits. It offers an otoscopic handle with illumination as well as magnification. In addition, irrigations can be started using the start button on the handle or via the Interacoustics

Aqua Stim

The Interacoustics Aqua Stim offers reliable caloric irrigation. Can be used as a stand-alone device, or you can control it from the Interacoustics VN415 / VO425 software. Irrigation is started by simply pressing the start button on the handle one time to initiate the user-defined caloric protocol.

Both the Air Fx and Aqua Stim caloric irrigators is available worldwide and is supplied as a 110-130 V or 220-240 V model.